What is and what shall be.

I want to talk about expectations. Expectations are the place that young people go to die. I have met so many people in my travels (and at home) who expect so much out of a job or a hostel or an experience  or themselves and I am here to tell whoever is reading this that you simply cannot expect anything out of life. A wise person once said: Life is what happens when you are making other plans. That could not be more accurate. I did not realize until a few days before the date, but I was plagued with expectations about my twenty fifth birthday: what the day would be like, what I would have accomplished, who I would be, what experiences I would have had, how much money I would have earned, the list goes on. I wanted to be working as a teacher by now and recording more music and partying with friends my own age and living in a nice city with a boyfriend wrapped around me: I wanted to be someone I thought other people would look at and wish they were. Instead, I was on the farm celebrating with my host family and with bacon and eggs, presents and a cake at ten in the morning, tubing on a river, eating Chinese food, and going to bed on time. I think that the point of turning twenty five is that I am supposed to look at this experience and think: “wow, it wasn’t the craziest day of my life, but boy was it unique.”

The harsh truth is, the clock is always ticking. If you are spending time thinking about what you want, you are missing out on experiencing what you have. The other harsh truth is that decisions change and sometimes we think we want things and the next day we wake up and wonder why. So really, constantly worrying and wishing for things is a disease. My dad, being the wise and clever friend that he is, told me this after one of my life tryrade sessions:
“There are four kinds of people in the world:
1) The person who knows exactly what they want and professes to this.
2) The person who does not know what they want but lies and says that they do.
3) The person who does not know what they want and is honest about it and actively seeks to find what it is they do want.
4) The person who bops around and doesn’t care about having no direction..
It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, as long as you are happy to do it.”

If I had not stayed at that farm, I would not have gained another year in this fabulous country. So, for me, the other part that is necessary is doing what you have to until you can do what you want to ( thanks, Oprah)
Besides, turning an age is not about one day; it’s about making the best of all of them, however that can happen. I’ll get out to party with friends at some point; why not? I’m young, right? I have the rest of my beautiful life (and another year in Australia) sitting right in front of me. Done my farmwork.


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