Being the closest to yourself and the farthest from home.

It’s funny how people can convince you of things about yourself that are just not true. It’s also funny how much you can learn about yourself if you stop hearing everyone else’s opinions and start listening to and understanding the impulses in your mind.

I am a hardcore environmentalist. That cannot be debated. That being said, I love airports; especially the big ones. I get a thrill from the modern and constantly moving, yet placid environment. Another thing I like about big airports is that, in the ones I have been to, you can experience a small dose of legitimate local culture…because the locals are constantly coming in and out. I feel pretty adventurous walking with a purpose through an area with which I do not personally identify. Plus, free wi-fi. I almost forgot the free food on the plane (yes, when applicable) and a chance to live vicariously through someone else’s life, whether that is by talking to the person on your left and learning more about them than your right hand or watching “The Devil Wears Prada” for the fortieth time.

Having flown about 13 times within the past year, this obsession with airports is something I am constantly guilty for. But at least I listen to myself.

Finally being back in Australia, I can say without a doubt that I am so glad I listened to my impulses and no one else. I love it here. The morning I left, I had almost convinced myself that coming back here was a waste of time thanks to everyone else’s opinions bombarding my senses. But I stuck to my guns and here I am in my own cottage on a farm with a charming family and beautiful wildlife. All experiences considered, I can’t have asked for more from this country so far. Or myself.


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