Thanksgiving this year.

I figured I’d keep things thematic today. It’s amazing how time flies as I do. I have been back home since Wednesday night and will be leaving on Friday. During a brief trip to the cottage over the holidays, I rekindled the old stresses of trying to impress family members with food and trying to talk about travel as little as possible (it’s not something many of my relatives are stoked with).

The food, I must say, was totally worth it. This is the first or second year that I have given in and eaten the turkey despite my semi-vegetarian lifestyle. In addition, there was actually a proper amount of food set out at our place this year. Since around the time I was eleven, I can remember there being way too much food at the table at Thanksgiving. I don’t think this is rare among Canadians. Not only did this food spread encourage obesity, but it is psychologically overwhelming to have so much to choose from and the pressure to finish as much as possible so that the guilt of there being food thrown out doesn’t ensue. It seemed a little contradictory to me.

I think that food distracts from the true moments we should be thankful for. For example, my uncle spent about twenty minutes in the lake this weekend trying to fix our water line when he discovered that it had been cut. My other uncle spent time cleaning the filter so that the water would run to our cottage and finally made it work on Sunday afternoon. On top of all of this, with my help, my aunt and mom cleaned all of our dishes (for nine people) by hand for every meal until the line was fixed and cleared (keeping in mind that we had all come up for a relaxing weekend away).

Finally, just seeing my brother and going out to a bar to escape the cabin fever was a treat.

Adding to that, I walked 20 kilometres with my parents on the Bruce trail on Monday. So, I am proud to say that this year, the tradition of Thanksgiving being all about food changed. We even saw some turkeys running in the field near Collingwood at the end of the hike.


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