New beginnings…or super old

This blog has been a long time coming. During my first six month trip to Australia, I made a promise to myself to journal consistently and was (yeah!) successful in keeping this promise. I was able to fill two approximately 6x9x1.5″ notebooks during that time. With this blog, I will make an attempt to objectively re-create my journal entries and add on posts about new adventures.

My life this year is a half-full suitcase

I am packing in from a one month stint as an interpretive guide at a museum in Halifax, NS. I have realized that guiding people in a place one is visiting is a great way to develop a profound education about that place. I learned so much about the vast history the east coast of my country has to share this fall and am forever thankful for this experience.

The (cough) money, that I had hanging around from my savings before my Aus. trip paid for my rent for a bedroom in a two-level house with a Korean family about a forty five minute bus ride from my work. So, I saved the bus money for the last two weeks of my stay and walked by many notable places in Halifax on my way to and from work. For the record, it took me 2 hours and change to get between my house and the downtown core. So no running for me this month (:D). The locations that I was able to visit on my never-ending commute include (but are not limited to) Quinpool road, Dalhousie University (gush), Spring Garden Road, and, of course, the harbour. It has also been a good practice in self-discipline to walk past Quinpool’s and Spring Garden’s array of cafés, stores, pizza places, and donair shops without buying a single item due to my relentless need to save for this next trip back to Australia.

Subjective accounts of a woman from Seoul about living in the Republic and waking up to savoury foods cooking in the morning are included in, but not the limits of, my experiences living with the Korean family. Apparently our selection and pricing of vegetables and fruits here on the Canadian east coast during the fall and winter are off-putting to the refined tastes of Seoulians. So here I go to learn more about farming in Australia.


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