I don’t reckon. For the most part.

I’ve been noticing quite a few hiccups in my speech here in Australia. Thanks to this, I’m realizing, in a more clarified sense, how my insecurities catch up with my efforts to adapt to a new, heavily rigid social situation. In rural areas in Canada, the U.S., and Aus., I have found people will be […]

Thanksgiving this year.

I figured I’d keep things thematic today. It’s amazing how time flies as I do. I have been back home since Wednesday night and will be leaving on Friday. During a brief trip to the cottage over the holidays, I rekindled the old stresses of trying to impress family members with food and trying to […]

Trust and me.

Trust has been a hard thing for me to come by in my life thanks to being painfully forgetful and distracted. Every now and then, I’ll realize that I am unable to complete a task requested of me because in my past, I was not trusted to complete it and someone else did it for […]

New beginnings…or super old

This blog has been a long time coming. During my first six month trip to Australia, I made a promise to myself to journal consistently and was (yeah!) successful in keeping this promise. I was able to fill two approximately 6x9x1.5″ notebooks during that time. With this blog, I will make an attempt to objectively […]