The very late Continuing Adventures Retrospective

1 Aug

My updating is clearly lacking. Here is a giant post so that we can all know what has happened to Stone Cold and The Undertaker since the last update in 2010.

Stone Cold makes due with a tea towel.

The Undertaker tries (and fails) to look away as Stone Cold enjoys a rare shower.

Stone Cold, mid-throw!

That's a strike!

The boys have a friendly game of pool with a convenient box of tissues for the loser.

A nice angle to see The Undertaker's stellar form.

The Undertaker wields his axe to save Stone Cold from the vicious dinosaur, for which he will be repaid later.

Stone Cold inches into the shredder to rescue The Undertaker from a terrible fate.

Stone Cold's saving technique was tragically flawed.

The boys have a friendly game of pool with a convenient box of tissues for the loser.

A nice angle to see The Undertaker's stellar form.

The Undertaker may have had a tad too much Sangria.

Nature Run-in

1 Aug

So this past Monday my boss got some troubling news concerning the budget for our office for the upcoming year. Worse yet she got this news right as we were closing down for the day. I stayed about 15 minutes to chat with her and offer her some stress-relieving tips… drinking and paintball.

I strolled towards my bus stop between the two libraries on campus. Just as I was about to walk under the plus-15 (a plus-15 is a Calgary enclosed walkway between two buildings that is 15 feet off the ground) I heard a terribly shrill shriek/scream followed by a very loud bang above my head. Initially I thought that someone had fallen/been pushed/jumped off the library tower and smacked the plus-15 above me. Then a dark object fell straight down beside me, brushing my leg. HEAD! This is their HEAD is what I thought.

I look down and there lies a falcon on its back!

This poor young falcon had clearly realized its mistake seconds before it smacked into the plus-15′s glass because that was a scream of terror. Anyway, it took about two minutes for my falcon buddy to regain consciousness and another 10-15 for him to get himself together enough to fly at all. I stood guard around him as many people passed to make sure he wasn’t further traumatized as he tried to recover. Super neat to be so close to such a gorgeous bird.




31 Jul

Whew have I ever been neglecting this blog!

Seeing as I haven’t updated since December there is quite a bit to update!

First and foremost, I am returning to school to do my Master of Publishing at SFU. This means the first big move for me since I moved south to do my undergrad. Me and Gen will be moving to Vancouver at the end of August. We are super excited and totally nervous, this is the first big haul either of us has done in over 5 years. So, hooray for that news!

I am incredibly excited about the impending schoolwork. I had to take a pre-requisite course on Copyediting and Proofreading at the beginning of July in Vancouver and so got a chance to see if this was the thing for me and if Vancouver could feel like home. Check and check! It was a great week spent exploring the city, exploring a small part of the program I am going to be entering and getting to see the fantastic apartment Gen and I will be taking. Summary: very exciting big changes!

Other than that… not a whole lot new to report. Rob had a girlfriend and then didn’t have a girlfriend. He went on a number of dates but is back to be a single guy. We are kind of hoping that this means that he might eventually follow us to Vancouver… many not-so-subtle suggestions have been made… but so far he is determined to hang out in Calgary for the time being.

It has been a weird mix of scorchingly hot weather (I got an impressive burn, now tan) and rain so we are just rolling with the weather punches. I am hoping that Vancouver is a little more even, even if that means consistently rainy. I find the ups an downs of Calgary weather take a toll on us.

I had a pretty ridiculous run-in with nature the other day and I will share that tomorrow.

That is all for now!

Beautiful Congratulations flowers my Stinkster got for me!

The Milt Man update

19 Dec

Update about the Milt Man:

Our friend Rob had a slow month. He had a couple dates, one very great date last night. But no luck on resetting the counter. Gen and I have lined him up a date for Wednesday so we are hoping that that could lead to another chance for him to find a nice girl to be with.

The Adventures of Stone Cold and The Undertaker, A Retrospective

19 Dec

Stone Cold has a surprizingly fun side to him. He managed to russle himself up this stylish hat. I am incredibly impressed with how easily he fell into the character.


Leading up to Christmas I will be posting the past pictures of The Adventures of Stone Cold and The Undertaker. Come Christmas, or shortly after, we should have you all caught up and ready to see their weekly adventures in real-time.

This was one of their first adventures. It was a dangerous climb but The Undertaker really pulled through and dragged Stone Cold up the shelf to safety. Team work boys!

Again a shot of the triumphant duo and their killer use of ordinary iPod earbuds to create a lasso. When you've been shrunken down you've really got to use what you can find.

Stone Cold heard a rumor about a way out being through this tricky locker!

Tis Chilly

22 Nov

It is not often that I think about wearing something outlandishly frightening as this:

You don't want to run into this group ever.

But lately with the temperatures dropping below thirty I’ve begun to deeply consider going far from any self respect and dawning one of these babies. In fact I would say that I could consider a full-body knit suit. I could make it work, throw a snazzy belt on it and just spend my day in a knit fitted sleeping bag. In any case, it is too cold here. I grew up in the cold though so I am

Beautiful winter weather

often sassed for complaining about the weather. But I grew up in beautiful cold.

It would snow and certainly it would snow a lot but then it would stop. The sky would clear. The sun would come out and though the sun was never particularly warm in the winter, at least we got our brief boost of Vitamin D and we would be on our chilly way.

Here in Calgary it is not the case. The cold weather brings with it a cloudy sky, constant snow, darkness and just a feeling of despair. There are Chinooks which are wonderful and warm but in between those it is the darkness and gloomy atmosphere that gets you.

I miss the crisp, bright winter days of the Yukon.


Oh Rob

20 Nov

So a friend of mine is going through a sexual dry spell and we are supporting him to the best of our abilities. Gen is giving him advice on how to meet girls, how to close a date and how to be ‘that guy’. Rob has abandoned his determined plan find a girl to settle down with and instead has decided to just be a 24 year old and have casual dates.


He is a handsome man, a sweet man, an artistic man. Watch his journey.

I met Rob through Gen as they had known each other for a few years. Rob broke up with his first girlfriend in September 2008. She was his first real girlfriend and his first and only sexual partner. Gen has always been determined to change this for Rob. As an older and wiser man, Gen felt that his advice was invaluable. Rob and Gen as a team were unsuccessful for Rob and so his dry spell of one lady was never broken until September of 2010 when he finally met a lovely lady in the town of Vernon, BC, mysteriously without Gen’s assistance.

Rob returned to us in Calgary in October and has since begun another dry spell. As such ‘the gang’ (Gen, Suhail, Myself and Rob) have begun a countdown in order to document an inspiring tale of perseverance and the search for love.

The Milt Man awaith.


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